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15 Habits for Feeling and Being Your Best

Point to Ponder:

What habits do you need to adopt, replace or eliminate?

Even before having children I loved the start of school. I find the rhythm and routine to be rejuvenating and inspiring, much like the actual New Year. With that, I'm always looking to drop some habits that I picked up throughout the summer that no longer serve me, and replace them with new habits that will allow me to feel and be my best in this new season.

One habit I'm adopting is a monthly marriage booster, a.k.a date night. I know...this isn't cutting-edge information, but embarrassingly, we've neglected this for far too long (like two plus years too long). So, we've committed to monthly babysitting swaps with friends so we don't have to dish out a boatload of babysitting money. As a result, this Friday the kiddos stayed with our friends (who we will in turn watch their kiddos so they can have a marriage booster) and we went for a hike. This time served our marriage and put much needed deposits into our relationship account.

Other such habits I plan to adopt are less caffeine and more water, drinking a hot cup of detoxifying lemon water each morning and night, getting nine hours of sleep each night (for some reason my body is needing that much right now?!?), asking for help when I need it, and going to church each Sunday. There are definitely plenty more, many of which are included below from some of our awesome iGnite Leaders.

All in all, this is a new season (YAY!), which provides us with the opportunity to mindfully evaluate our habits, replace them with new ones, determine what and where we need to make deposits, and begin again!

Check out these inspiring habits:

1. Prepared Healthy Snacks- I always fave a variety of cut-up veggies in the fridge so I’m less apt to reach for crackers to dip and munch on. Amy Younkman

2. Regularly Getting in the Water- Dunking myself in any water, anywhere, anytime is something that I crave and that makes me feel rejuvenated. Studies have proven that if you are in, on or near water you are 90 percent happier! I don’t think there is anyone around who does not feel rejuvenated when jumping in a pool, river, lake or ocean.- Kathleen Parker 3. Take Probiotics- One of my stay healthy secrets is Ortho Probiotic. I used to suffer from dry mold allergies every fall. I was congested from October into November, and I had a constant cough. The Ortho Probiotic has made a huge difference. I take one in the morning on an empty stomach before I run. Betty Cunningham 4. Get Regular Massages- I get monthly massages at Massage Envy, it’s reasonably priced and a sure way to get yourself a relaxing massage once a month! I really enjoy it — they have great therapists for all types of massage and the monthly fee is only $59.99. Plus you get other perks and discounts being a member and you can go to locations all over the U.S. if you want to get a massage while traveling. Jill Watts

5. Morning Prayer- I make sure to pray before I get out of bed in the morning.- Amy Younkman 6. Juicing- I bought a NutriBullet and I absolutely love it! I try to have one a day, and it’s a perfect way to get a healthy boost without spending $8 on a green smoothie. I just pop in 1/2 greens (I prefer spinach), and then 1/2 fruits, (whatever I have) and then a boost like flax seed, chia, almonds, etc. Then you just add water, so no added sugar! It takes a few minutes to extract all the healthy nutrients from those veggies and fruits. You can put any type of veggie and fruit in. It’s quick, easy and healthy. - Jill Watts

7. Nutritionist Consultations- I see an Applied Clinical Nutritionist once every 12 weeks. I began seeing Joseph in May 2012 specifically for allergy issues, hives, and constant fatigue, and after the success I’ve had with him, I continue my visits to check in and see how my body is functioning. I currently take 4 different Standard Process supplements that he specifically recommends for my body that I buy from People’s Pharmacy. I can tell a difference when I miss a day or two, and I know how important they are for me to maintain a healthy body.- Molly Daniels

8. Nighttime Technology Turnoff- I make sure to turn off technology at night and crawl into bed with a good read. Amy Younkman

9. Evening Treat- I always drink a large glass of chocolate milk each evening. It has been proven by studies over and over again–even by the University of Texas — as the number one muscle recovery drink of all time! It tastes SO good and truly helps my muscles recover, and I sleep so well. I love it!- Kathleen Parker

10. Varied Workouts- I make sure to go to different iGnite workout classes weekly. Yes, I know I work for iGnite, but I feel different when I teach versus when I participate. I am “on” in different ways when I teach than when I take a class. I’m able to step out of my ‘teaching brain’ and simply follow the leader’s instructions. I don’t enjoy working out on my own, and in fact, I don’t do it. I appreciate going to different classes, and I listen to my body when it’s telling me to speed up or slow down. - Molly Daniels

11. Self-Guided Yoga- I make sure to schedule a weekly yoga session with and for myself. - Amy Younkman

12. Cranberry Water- I always have a pitcher of the iGnite cranberry water in my fridge! I get bored of drinking plain water, and I enjoy this refreshing drink.- Molly Daniels

13. Morning Stretching Ritual- Kitchen counter stretching and moving my spine in 6 ways first thing each morning while waiting for my tea to steep helps me continue to feel my best.- Amy Younkman

14. Eye Cream- My eye cream is Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Eye Cream. I am addicted to it and put it on three times a day! It has a little glisten to it and it so hydrating. It truly has helped my bags under my eyes go away that I inherited from my sweet Mom — it is awesome stuff, AND is available at the grocery store!- Kathleen Parker

15. Homemade Skin Care- With ingredients most of us probably already have in our pantry and fridge, I create lotions, scrubs, and occasionally masks, to supplement my skin-care routine. I have a few “must-have” skin-care staples, listed below. And when I have time to treat myself to a full “home-spa-day” I’ll experiment with more “complex” recipes.

Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil- Instead of store-bought moisturizer and body lotion, I use coconut oil (unrefined and organic) on my skin. I apply it daily after I shower/bathe to both body and face, and I also use the excess on my hands as a “leave-in conditioner,” running my fingers through my hair after applying to my face and body. (Also, although I don’t wear make-up very often, I discovered coconut oil is a great natural make-up remover.)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Brown Sugar- About once a week I make a body-scrub using EVOO and brown sugar. I don’t follow a recipe, I simply mix the two ingredients together adding more or less of one or the other until I get the consistency/texture I want, depending on the exfoliation intensity needed/desired (coarse for feet, legs, hands, and arms; medium coarseness for torso; light coarseness for neck and face). This scrub is very gentle and leaves the skin feeling amazing.In a quick online search of “home-made skin-care” you’ll find countless recipes that include nourishing yet simple ingredients like oats, honey, almond milk, peaches, avocado, pumpkin, cucumber, lemon, and even coffee and cocoa(!) to name just a few!- Alli Phillips


Action Item:

Evaluate your habits and determine the ones you need to adopt, replace, or eliminate.



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