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How to Solve Problems Before They Happen

Point to Ponder:

What future need can you address now?

I just returned from an epic iGnite Escape in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Fundamental #23 for my consulting business, Momentum Consulting, ended up being the guiding light of our trip.

The fundamental is: LOOK AHEAD AND ANTICIPATE. Solve problems before they happen by anticipating future needs and addressing them in advance. Preventing issues is always more effective than fixing them. From the time we started packing (using a very thorough checklist) to each time we walked out the door for our next guided tour, we were constantly having to look ahead and anticipate…especially the weather!

Here in Austin, Texas, there comes a point in the summer when there’s nothing else except HOT and HOTTER. I’d say we have officially reached that point: 27 days over 100° as of today. So, I was thrilled when I discovered a few months ago that I had an opportunity to go on this adventure with ten strong, risk-taking women in a part of the country where things were sure to cool off a bit.

Over the week we somehow packed in a 7-mile mountain hike up 1400 feet in the rain, a white-water rafting trip that included a thorough and consistent soaking, a 3-hour mountain bike tour, 5 hours of country and western dancing, a 2000-foot elevation horse-back ride, and a 3 hour “float-trip” down the Snake River. During each 24 hour period there was up to a 40° spread in temperature.

And it was the “relaxing float-trip” that took us all by surprise. The sun was out as we took off. We all were sleeveless and enjoying the effortless cruise with our capable rafting guide. Of course we had all packed our rain jackets, still in our packs, thinking for once we were not going to need them. About half an hour into the trip, huge looming clouds formed out of nowhere, and within minutes we found ourselves in the middle of a full-on squall that lasted for 30 minutes! Thank goodness our guide had looked ahead and anticipated this possibility. He passed out these huge water-proof ponchos and wool blankets to wear underneath. He had the long-term experience to know what to expect and what might possibly go wrong. Because of this we had an exhilarating experience in the freezing rain instead of a miserable last two hours. It took all the stress out of the situation and we laughed and enjoyed the rest of the way down.

Whether in business or play-time, the more we look ahead and anticipate the possibilities, the more we can be present in the moment and enjoy being happy and effective with what is in front of us now. Now let’s get out those calendars to see what’s coming and how we can best be of service to our clients, families and our friends!

*To see pictures from our Jackson Hole Escapes, click HERE


Action Item:

Look ahead, anticipate and see what's coming and how you can best be of service to your family, friends, colleagues and clients.



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