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What's Right About You and Your Life?

Point to ponder:

Contemplate all that is right about you and your life?

Between blogs, books, podcasts, magazines, movies and documentaries, there is no shortage of information or inspiration. In fact, currently I subscribe to four blogs and two magazines, all the while I and am reading two books and started a new Bible study....which now I see why I can't seem to finish anything...! Most recently though, one of my favorite finds is TD T.D. is passionate, charismatic and convicting founder of the Potter's House Church in Dallas. I've listened to several of his sermons but it wasn't until a few days ago that while thumbing through SUCCESS Magazine that I realized he had a motivational, faith-based, inspirational and leadership based website.

Like all information websites, there are various writers and while skimming, I came upon a short and powerful article titled "Distinctly You" by Cheryl Martin. I don't want to give the article away because I know you will love reading it, however; one of her strongest lines was, "When your focus is always on what’s "wrong" with you,” you diminish what’s "right” about you."

Cheryl's insight and wisdom reminded me of our journal two weeks ago, "Wholeheartedly All-In" stating that the antidote for exhaustion is not rest, it's wholeheartedness. Rather than focus on what we don't have, wish we had, or what we once had, living wholehearted IS focusing on what's right about you, being grateful for it and using it.

To show my vain side, it is so easy for me to focus on my short legs and long torso, which I've always wished were reversed. What I'd give for two more inches of leg!...BUT what's right about my short legs and long torso is that's what God decided I needed, and my legs are strong, powerful, take me and my family everywhere and allow me to do the work that I love. And, over the next sixty years I have great plans for these legs (yes, that's living to a full 100!) so appreciating them and viewing them as "right", especially because that's how God designed me, is how I must view them.

As for focusing on what's "right" about us, there are so many ways to spin this. Human nature is to want what we don't have, want what we can't have or want what we once had, but because we are flawed, this doesn't mean that this mindset is purposeful or productive. In fact, it's counterproductive and best case scenario, it keeps us in the same place, which a good and wise friend recently reminded me: if we aren't moving forward, then we're moving backwards. Either way, it's not ideal and by always focusing on what we want and what's wrong, we stay in a vicious cycle of pity-party, negativity and unhappiness. It's like my six and four year old who have cabinets full of toys yet want more! Now I'm realizing that to God, I'm like my children who are always wanting more rather than being thankful for, using and playing with what we have already given them. But, when they enjoy, use and are grateful for what they have been gifted, we delight in that and love giving them more.

In the words of T.D. Jakes, we need to "re-position our hearts and minds so that we don't waste time and miss out on this amazing life we are living". And when we discipline and re-position our hearts and minds to focus on what's "right" about our body, our health, our friendships, our families, our children, our jobs, our marriages, our neighbors, our communities, our age and our life, I truly believe we'll experience a transformation from negative to positive, perceived ugliness to beautiful, and fruitless to fruitful. What better time to re-position yourself than the summer, when the days are long and the sun is bright!

Check out the inspiring "don't waste time" short video by T.D. Jakes (click on image to view video)


Action Item:

Re-position your mind and spirit and change your focus to the things that are right in your life.


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