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Lessons From America's Greatest

Point to ponder:

Which lesson can you apply to enhance and maximize your personal and/or professional life?

I have always been inspired and in awe by our military--those who served, those who lost their life serving and those who currently serve. I cannot comprehend their voluntary and heroic sacrifice, but I am so thankful for it! From teamwork, discipline, family, commitment, hard work and leadership, I am always looking for opportunities to learn from our military.

As we observe Memorial Day and honor the fallen who courageously gave their lives while serving in our armed forces, I found an excellent article in featuring 10 of America's greatest military leaders. In reading the lessons, I realized that regardless of the roles we play or the hats we wear, we can apply those lessons to enhance and maximize our personal and professional lives. For those of you who are not part of an organizational team, team is interchangeable with family so replace 'team' with 'family' and enjoy the outcome.

  • George Washington, 1732-1799, General in Continental Army

  • Lesson - Trust your core team

  • Winfield Scott, 1786-1866, General in Chief U.S. Army

  • Lesson - Never compromise

  • Robert E. Lee, 1807-1870, General in U.S. Army

  • Lesson - Respect your team

  • Ulysses S. Grant, 1822-1885, General in U.S. Army

  • Lesson- Don't give up

  • George S. Patton, 1885-1945, General U.S. Army

  • Lesson- Help your team achieve greatness

  • Lewis B. 'Chesty' Puller, 1898-1971, Lieutenant General U.S. Marine Corps

  • Lesson- Stay positive

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1890-1969, General U.S. Army

  • Lesson- Create a cooperative culture

  • Dudley 'Mush' Morton, 1907-1943, Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy

  • Lesson-Keep everyone motivated

  • Eugene B. Fluckey, 1913-2007, Rear Admiral U.S. Navy

  • Lesson- Recognize hard work

  • H. Norman Schwarzkoph, 1934-present, General U.S. Army

  • Lesson- Get in the trenches


Action Item:

Choose at least one military lesson and apply it your personal, professional life, or both.


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