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Created to Do Something Great

Alive, Empowered and Created to Do Something Great!

This is how we felt throughout and after our vision board event. The evening was set in the beautiful and inspiring Mint Studio and started with cocktails and chocolate. Stefanie Alberts, mother of twenty-year old triplets, business owner and blackbelt kicked-off our evening with empowering and encouraging reasons why we CAN be an amazing wife, mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, business-woman, philanthropist, etc, and why we cannot give up on our own dreams and vision for our life. We then learned some extremely effective yet simple self-defense moves from Sensei Stefanie and Sensei Geri, followed with a little yoga and Bollywood dancing from the spunky, passionate firecracker-like yoga instructor and dancer, Kajal Vora. Dancing with Kajal never disappoints and was the perfect warmup to creating our vision board, which we dove into!

Psychotherapist Elisabeth Caetano and I spoke on behalf of why taking time for yourself to create a vision board is of immense importance for the mind and spirit and the magic that occurs when you set an intention with what you want your life to look like and how you want to live it. We also shared their past vision boards and what all has manifested from them. It’s crazy-cool! One such example is from my two vision boards, which I created ten and three years ago. On both vision boards are pictures of a hot air balloon, simply because I thinks they are beautiful. Now, I live in San Diego where hot air balloons launch near our house and fly overhead every night. This is just one of many amazing examples of what can show up in your life if when you just take the time to create a vision for it…and then leave the rest up to God.

The night was magical, as existing friendships were strengthened and new friendships were formed. There was laughter, tears, meaningful conversation, excitement, inspiration and joy throughout! I can’t wait to hear and see all of the amazing things that occur in the lives of those who took the time to create their vision for their life.


See more pictures from this event on our Facebook page here.

To contact Stefanie Alberts or participate in her Self-Defense EmPower Hour, please contact her at:

To contact Elizabeth Caetano for coaching, please contact her at:

To contact Kajal Vora for yoga or Bollywood, please visit her website at:


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