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The Butterfly Effect: iGnite Gives Back

As women, we believe that we are nurturers by nature, and we also believe that in order to nurture the way God created us to, continual body, mind and spirit nourishment is essential. One of the ways we nourish our mind and spirit is through service, or in other words, we focus on holistic fitness so that we can serve to our greatest ability.

Throughout the past ten years, iGnite has served local non-profits through actives, fundraising and donation opportunities such as planting gardens, leading a stretching class in a retirement center, donating thousands of diapers, baby wipes, socks, underwear and clothing to less privileged and homeless children and women, fully furnishing and decorating an apartment for a Burmese refugee family (picture above) and raising over $5000 for We Viva and Beyond Batten Disease Foundation.

Most recently, through donation classes and general fundraising efforts including Choose Joy shirt sales, iGnite gave over $8000 to Refuge Ranch. We believe that when serving others, a butterfly effect occurs—softening and changing our hearts and lives and therefore softening and changing the hearts and lives of others.

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