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Member Spotlight: Ali Clayton

Roots: I am originally from Brownwood, Texas (think Friday Night Lights setting). I’ve lived in Austin for a little over 5 years now. HOOK EM!

Family Life: I’m as single as a Pringle. No significant other or kids, but a couple of loving parents and a pretty rad 13 year old sister.

Work Life: I am currently working as an executive assistant, and I babysit on the side. Oh, and house sit.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my iGnite experience…

is that I am never alone. iGnite has brought so many beautiful, wonderful people into my life that I couldn’t imagine life without! iGnite teaches me something new every day, plus being surrounded by strong, inspiring women 2-3 times a week is such a gift!

The best advice I’ve been given… It is hard to pick the best advice I’ve been given, but one of my favorite pieces of advice came from my grandpa, Pappy. He has always encouraged me to “dream big and enjoy the journey!” As crazy or hectic as life may seem right now, sometimes we just have to stop and realize how far we have come. Enjoy life and where it takes you!

I am looking forward to… My very best friend is getting married in February, and I am just so excited and happy for her! Wow…February is much closer now that I say it out loud. I’ll see ya at a few extra classes in the next few months.

If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… I think Rocky Road. Mostly because I just love that flavor. I think someone could come up with a great metaphor for life using Rocky Road ice cream.

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