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Are You Using The Summer to Recharge?

Point to ponder:

This summer, are you making time to recharge?

Even though summer should feel nothing but relaxing and consistently fun, the loosey-goosey nature of it, travel, expense of summer camps and vacations can bring about stress and anxiousness, and this can rob us of immediate joy, our quality of life and even negatively impact our health. Research shows that chronic stress and anxiety can shorten our life spans, speed aging and dramatically increase our risk of life threatening diseases. Stress can also cause immediate problems of poor performance, cognitive function (cloudy thinking) and depressive or angry mood swings. The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to help reduce stress and anxiety--with two being found in iGnite!

You probably already know the most important things you can do to manage stress . . . that’s right . . . exercise, eat a healthy diet, regularly connect with people and get a good nights sleep. Exercise, good food, relationships and sleep have a profound effect on mood and coping. Processed, refined and sugary foods exacerbate symptoms of stress while eating a diet rich in fresh produce, high-quality protein and healthy fats (especially omega-3s) help you better cope with stress. Give your body what it needs: Regular exercise, relationships, proper nutrients, good sleep and some of these true stress-less strategies:

  • Go for a hike, bike ride, river raft, swim, kayak, lake/ocean fun..…any time in nature is rejuvenating

  • Make time for fun and relaxation

  • Write a journal, esp. a gratitude journal

  • Connect with a friend, socialize and welcome good humor

  • Find someone to help

  • See the big picture and slow down

  • Avoid unnecessary stress

  • Prioritize your life and avoid unnecessary stress

  • Celebrate anything (successes, holidays, people)

  • Read a good book for enjoyment

  • Accept things you can’t change

  • Establish/maintain a daily routine

  • Keep thoughts positive

  • Make time for things YOU enjoy

  • Take control and learn to say “no”

  • Relax in a long Epsom salt bath

  • Light scented candles

  • Work in a garden

  • Get a massage

  • Listen to music

  • Go to the movies

  • Be optimistic and express gratitude

  • Let it go…don’t drown in perfectionism, lower expectations

  • Simplify, eliminate and delegate

  • Forgive yourself and others

Come up with a list of your personal favorite ways to relax and recharge and keep this list handy. Remember, YOU have the power to transform your health … ONE healthy choice at a time! So take some time to rejuvenate everyday and remember to eat right, exercise and get your rest.


Action Item:

Come up with a list of your personal favorite ways to relax and recharge and keep this list handy. Make time to rejuvenate everyday and remember to iGnite, connect with others, eat well and get good rest!


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