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12 Reasons to Participate in Our Holiday Health & FITmas Challenge

Point to Ponder:

Do you let the holidays control you, or do you control the holidays?

Alright, alright, alright…the holidays are here and before your computer combusts from online shopping and your shoulders get stuck to your earlobes, take a moment to breatheeeeeeeeeee… through your nose and out through your mouth. I’m kind of exaggerating (but not really), however holiday anxiousness, stress and chaos is prevalent, and preventable! We have a choice, and it’s starts with making the decision to make exercise and self-care a priority and our annual Holiday Health and FITmas Challenge is the best place to begin.

While we all know the many benefits of exercise and self-care, sometimes it takes a testimonial from a friend or peer to really make an impression, so check out iGnite Austin Member, mom of three, and full-time professional, Melissa Morrow’s, testimonial from last year, after she completed our Holiday Health and FITmas Challenge.  

I love the FITmas Challenge! It helped me have more energy and fun during the holidays... and a lot less craziness. When I've skipped out on it I've also skip out on holiday traditions, including holiday parties, because I'm tired. By working out every day and prioritizing spending time with friends and self-care (instead of spending money and shopping), it is a much more joyful season!

Melissa “nailed it!” and we couldn’t have said it better. If you need further convincing to participate and to keep your health a priority throughout the holidays, I have included 12 (funny but true) reasons why we all need to keep iGniting throughout the holidays:

1. Helps Control Spending

The 45-minutes to an hour of exercise is less time you’ll spend shopping on Amazon.(Remember it's just stuff!)

2. Improves Mood & Joy

Exercise is a natural pick-me-up, keeps you sane, allows you to be more patient, and increases your feelings of joy. Ultimately, your loved ones are safer.

3. Me-Time

It’s something just for you (which happens like never!).

4. Improves Energy

You’ll be high on endorphins for all of your holiday parties!

5. Improves Sleep Quality

You’ll sleep so soundly (whether you’re nestled all snug in your bed, or on an air-mattress at your in-laws) that you’ll have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.

6. Increases Metabolism & Reduces Likelihood of Having “Lose 5 pounds” as a New Year Goal

That second slice of grandma's fruit cake will replenish your energy stores, not be stored as junk in your trunk. When you exercise regularly, you are a fat-burning machine because in simple terms, your metabolism becomes a roaring fire and burns calories like a fire burns logs, so the more you exercise now, the less holiday fluff you’ll have and the better you’ll feel on Jan 1.

7. Better Food Choices

You know how it goes, exercise and food choices go hand-in-hand. When you exercise regularly, you are more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.

8. Increases Hydration

When you exercise, you naturally drink more water which helps you stay hydrated...and think of all the money you'll save by avoiding Starbucks!!!

9. Builds Immunities

You'll awaken Christmas morning singing the alleluia chorus, rather than wheezing and hacking.

10. Enhances Feelings of... well ummm... ahem...

Exercise puts a spark into... kisses under the mistletoe. Just sayin'!

11. Boosts Confidence

When you feel good you look good and confidence is the "must-have accessory" to all your holiday outfits. You'll feel and look great walking (strutting, prancing, or dancing?!) into your Christmas parties (whether they are cocktail parties or PJ parties) when you've got your confidence on!

12. Builds Strength

Strong muscles allow you to safely lift those Amazon boxes to the top-shelf hiding-spot. (You remembered!)

Below are three print-outs so you can take control of the holidays and begin tracking your Health, FITmas & Friends (iGnite classes, self-care, and friends you bring to class) and be on your way to your most joy-filled holiday yet! Unlike previous years, we've added a few special twists:

  • Complete 9 classes throughout December, track and turn-in your tracking sheet by January 3 and automatically receive a $10 iGnite credit.

  • Better-With-A-Buddy: Share iGnite and bring a friend to her first class and receive an additional $3 class credit/per friend! To receive class credit, your friends brought along with your 9 classes must also be tracked and turned-in by January 3. Ex: Take all 9 classes, bring two friends to their first iGnite class, track and turn in tracking sheet and receive $16 Class Credit

  • Top 3 Point Earning Winners Receive: 1st Place- $50 iGnite Credit; 2nd Place- $25 iGnite Credit; 3rd Place- $25 iGnite Credit.

  • Click on each picture to see printables..


Action Item

Make this your most stress-free and joy-filled holidays season by prioritizing your health and wellness. Look through your day-planner/calendar and pre-plan the 9 days you will iGnite, the self-care practices you will go for and the friends you will invite to iGnite!


Weekly Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for this sweet season and thank you for the year that you've given us. Help us to stay focused on the people, experiences and traditions that matter most, including the gift of our health. Guard our hearts and minds from distractions and open our hearts and minds so we can take-in everything this season is intended for and be everything you've created us to be. In Your Perfect Name, Amen


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