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Each New Year we all set goals and resolutions such as "get healthy, fit, happy", and have more energy, peace, patience and gratitude, but what exactly do they mean? How do they feel? And what do they look like, to you? Having time to pause and answer these types of specific questions is a very important and necessary first step. This is exactly what this one-day mini-retreat is all about and what you'll have time to do. 


We'll start our morning with an intentional pause to breathe, stretch and become centered.  iGnite Yoga leader, Amy Younkman, will lead us through breathing exercises and yoga poses to calm our minds and open our hearts. 


Do you seek increased energy, have a healthy heart, wish to enhance your healthy habits, and aim to be more in tune with your body and present in life? This is precisely what Cardiologist and Women's Heart Health Specialist, Dr. Caitlin Giesler, MD,  Functional Health Coach Tracie Reichel and iGnite Yoga Leader Amy Younkman will offer. Dr. Gielser will provide health health information specific to women. Tracie will provide detailed information on circadian rhythm, mitochondrial health, gut microbiome, and muscle protein synthesis. Amy will delve into the science of Ayurveda, enabling you to understand your specific body and live more holistically, in tune with nature and the seasons.

Clean the Slate

What habits and thoughts do you need to purge? What is no longer serving you, preventing you from feeling your best and experiencing your best life? How will you move forward with the lessons of 2023, ensuring you don't repeat some of the struggles you may have experienced? If 2023 was a great year, how will you make 2024 even better? What do you need to eliminate, and what will you make room for in your life this year? iGnite's founder, Neissa Springmann, will guide you through the steps to help identify and reveal. 

Identify, Define, Create & Plan

So what exactly does health, vibrance, energy and your best you and year look and feel like? This is exactly what we'll explore and you'll have the time to identify and define. After identifying and defining, you'll have the opportunity to visualize, create and plan for your compelling future. 


This why we are ecstatic to have this time together! Please join us for a fantastic day of discovery, exploration, yoga, journaling, intention setting, connection and fun.

The Day Will Include:

  • Guided Meditation and Yoga provided by Amy Younkman

  • Women's Heart Health Talk by Cardiologist and Women's Heart Health Specialist, Dr. Caitlin Gielser, MD

  • Presentation by Functional Health Coach, Tracie Reichel and iGnite Yoga Leader, Amy Younkman

  • Clean the Slate: Review, Release, Complete

  • Supported process of disconnecting from what is unnecessary, untrue and unproductive.

  • Supported process of reconnecting and revisioning your personal best 

  • Breakdown Goals and Vision for 2024

  • Designing and creating a plan for your compelling year and future

Sat. Feb 10th

8am-4pm CST


$195 iGnite Members

$220 Non-Members

*Cost includes everything: yoga session,  

supplies, healthy snacks and healthy lunch.

Location: Home in Westlake

Address provided upon registration

Meet Your Hosts & Presenters

"Put fear, what if’s, how to's and uncertainty aside. Get excited about discovering and creating your healthiest and most compelling future."

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Functional Health Coach

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Dr. Caitlin Giesler, MD

Cardiologist and Women's Heart Health Specialist

How about one day just for

Yoga & Pilates Instructor & Ayurveda Expert


iGnite Founder & Women's Health, Wellness and Fitness Enthusiast

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