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Grab your Soul Sisters, Reserve Your Thursdays for Discovery, Creation and Fun!

Are you scratching your head...wondering where January went? If January didn't pan out the way you had planned, your timing is perfect, as it's never too late to pursue your personal best! What we all need is the time and space to create a ‘Personal Best’ plan so we can get excited about our future! We simply have to carve out time for the following:

Time to clear the clutter.

While living in the past is unproductive, cleaning up and clearing out the left over mental and emotional clutter is the first and most necessary step to having the capacity to fully envision and create the experiences you wish to have in your new year. 

Time to clean the slate.

So what will you purge and what will you create? How will you move forward with the lessons of 2022 and not repeat some of the struggles you may have experienced? Or if 2022 was a great year, how will you make 2023 even better? What will you make room for in your life this year?

Time to create a vision and plan for 2023.

Every year we say, “This year is going to be different!” But things will only be different if you feel, think and act in ways and engage in relationships that are in alignment with where you want to go.

This is why we are ecstatic to have this time together! Please join me for four fantastic days of discovery, exploration, journaling, intention setting, connection and fun.


$100 iGnite Members

$125 Non-Members

Location: Your Home

*Workshop recordings are available to all participants

 your Personal

4-Week Virtual workshop

Discover, plan and create the space for your personal best year! 


2/16 - 3/9

12-1pm CST

Meet Your Host

"Put fear, what if’s, how to's and uncertainty aside. Get excited about discovering and creating your personal best plan and compelling future."


Our founder, Neissa Springmann, is not only passionate about positively impacting the physical lives of women, but she is equally as passionate about creating inspiring and purposeful opportunities for women to gather and explore meaningful topics, experience laughter and joy and become more of what they want to become.  

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