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June 2-5, 2022

"Best Weekend Ever!"

"There's not a better way to start my summer!"

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June 2-5, 2022

How about kicking off the summer on the lake with your girlfriends? We have planned for you a girlfriend getaway filled with, well, with whatever you want, and whatever you need. Want to lounge and soak up some sun? You got it! Or maybe you prefer the shaded hammock? It's got your name on it. How about some skiing or surfing? Of course! It wouldn't be an iGnite trip without some water sports! Whatever your pleasure, we've got you covered. Get away with your girlfriends, because you deserve it!

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  • Stay at our gorgeous, fully-equipped, lake-front vacation homes ​

      Stay 3 nights

  • Activities:

    • Boating

    • Skiing

    • Wake-Surfing

    • Kayaking

    • SUP Boarding

    • Lounging

    • Floating​

  • 5 delicious meals (including iGnite's signature cocktail!)​

  • Energizing morning workouts

  • Unstructured leisure time

  • Fun, fun, and more fun with girlfriends!

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BYOB - Bring your favorite beverage

BYOT - Bring your favorite lake toy

BYOG - Bring your favorite game

BYOD - Bring your favorite dessert

Click on image to see our BEST WEEKEND EVER!

Kathleen Parker- Lake Escape Creator and Water Sport Expert and Enthusiast!

Neissa Springmann- iGnite Founder and Girlfriend Fun Enthusiast!

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