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Cardio, Core & Strength Team Leader

  Let my faith be stronger than

my fears.

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas with my mom, dad, and two older sisters. My dad owns his own company called Custom Interventional Pain Management and my mom works as a preschool teacher and teaches sewing lessons. My oldest sister Kendall got married this past November and lives in Houston working as an accountant at Oasis Petroleum. My middle sister Kristiana lives in San Antonio and works at Julian Gold. Our family also consists of a dog, Lambert, and four cats (my mom loves cats- there names will not be given here). I am in Austin attending UT, majoring in Nursing.

Background in Health & Wellness: 


I started focusing on my health and fitness during high school. I tried out for the dance team my freshman year and that consisted of very early morning practice for 2 hours everyday as well as after school practice for 2 hours once a week. It was hard, but I loved how it was making me stronger both physically and mentally. I started to become really serious about my wellness during my junior year with the encouragement of my aunt, iGnite Leader Kathleen Parker and her daughter Courtney. The passion that both these woman have for fitness and health inspired me to better myself and grow in my own passion for helping others become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.



My iGnite Journey:


Well, basically my aunt (who I am named after) is the reason iGnite is in my life! When I started college at UT, I went to Kathleen’s classes basically everyday. The sense of community in iGnite is like no other fitness company. I literally have over 100 “aunts” that encourage me everyday to be strong and courageous – what kind of workout group offers that?! So thankful for iGnite because it has not only made my college experience better, but it has helped me become a stronger and more confident person.

Life-Changing Experience:

Last Summer I worked at a Young Life camp in Canada called Malibu Club. It was UNREAL. I worked as the kayak/sailing instructor while also helping high schoolers learn more about this awesome guy named Jesus and the love He has for us. A month on an island with the coolest group of people and being surrounded by God’s presence is an experience I will never forget – and one that I never had planned for myself – but God did! This experience helped me see that the Lord’s plans are ALWAYS far greater than our own, we just have to trust in Him.

Something People May Not Know About Me:


I know how to clog (please don’t ask me to show you). It was a tradition for my dance team to clog during halftime for the homecoming football game. I am also known for making the “best salads” and I eat a sweet potato everyday.

Who Inspires Me Most: My mom and dad. My mom inspires me to always be true to myself. She is the most unique and caring person and is never afraid to be who she is - which can be a rare quality to find in this world. My dad because of his incredible patience and optimism. He had to deal with not only my mom, but three girls – that is a lot of women to handle in one house and I honestly don’t know how he does it! But he does it with so much kindness and patience, and for that, I thank him.


When I’m Not Working, I’m:

Wake-surfing with Boo (Kathleen), studying, hanging out with friends and family, studying, working out with iGnite, studying, being a leader for wyldlife, studying, YoungLife small group…did I mention studying?


My Favorite Quote:

“Let my faith be stronger than my fears.”


My favorite thing to do for fun:

Surfing with my aunt! We are still working on our 360s, but hopefully by this summer we’ll get it!!

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