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Kari Glandorf


What Led Me To iGnite:


Neissa and I met outside a karate studio that her son and my eldest were participating in.  We got to chatting life, moves, adjusting your kids to a new place (we had just moved to San Diego and Neissa had as well 6 months prior) and careers.  Neissa shared iGnite in Austin with me and immediately thought... this sounds amazing.  I have always been very active, a soccer player growing up, runner in college and post kids found myself enjoying the gym or casual runs with my friends and kids in tow.  The thought of being able to take a fitness class led by an instructor in a local park screamed AWESOME to me!  A few conversations later with Neissa and she was ready to go kick off iGnite San Diego.  I love the workout, I love the women I have met in our community and I most of all enjoy the time I can spend getting to know new friends all while supporting each other in fitness and navigating life's craziness together.      



I am a born and raised California girl who married an Iowa boy!  I grew up and have spent the majority of my life in Huntington Beach (Surf City!) and have moved from Southern CA to Northern CA and back.  I went to college at USC, earning a degree in Nursing and have loved being a Registered Nurse.  I met my husband in 2005 and his career is what has taken us on our journey all over CA.  We landed in San Diego in 2016 and it is a pretty amazing place.  The beaches, rolling hills and endless sunshine are wonderful and I hope to make this place our home forever for our 3 kiddos, Jack (9), Nolan (7) and Stella (4).  

Anyone can find the

dirt in someone. 

Be the one that

finds the gold. 

Proverbs 11:27  



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Keep your head up and your heart open.



Something People May Not Know About Me:


I love animals and would love to have a big ol ranch with as many dogs, cats and other furry animals that need a home could live on.  I especially enjoy taking dogs on walks and always joke with my family that I am going to hang up my nursing shoes and become a dog walker.  Their unconditional love is so awesome!

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