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12 day

body re-boot

Twice Yearly

12 Day Course

Our Biannual Body Re-Boot Course is much more than a cleanse. It is the entire iGnite lifestyle and health philosophy packed into 2 educational luncheons and a structured 12-day nutrition and healthy habits program. Not in the Austin area? No problem, remote participation is possible through our materials-only option.

We purposefully choose not to call our Re-Boot a “cleanse” because, let’s face it, what typically comes to mind when you hear the word “cleanse” (liquid-only diets, starving oneself, etc.) is not something that aligns with our philosophy. We do believe it is necessary and beneficial to rid the body of toxins, but we always want to do so by eating real, whole foods and satiating the body. We believe that fully re-booting your system does not begin and end with nutrition, but should encompass your whole self, in body, mind and spirit. Sleeping well, unplugging, eliminating negative influences, connecting with nature, and exercising all play important roles in this process.

And that is what this course is all about: fully rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit through adopting the iGnite lifestyle for a solid 12 days, noticing the effects it has on your body, mind and spirit, and being educated so that you may take away and incorporate elements into your everyday life so that you can feel your best and reach your fullest potential.

We know you will love it, and we hope you will join us for this life- and body-changing experience! (check out the testimonials below to see how the Re-Boot has improved sleep, skin irritations, energy and overall wellness)

We will rise and shine in 2017



Inspiration, Nourishment, Connection, Renewed Purpose & Vision

Our team is paying attention to every detail and your metamorphosis begins the moment you walk into our enchanted La Jolla sanctuary, complete with a panoramic view of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Our retreat home has a private heated oceanfront pool and jacuzzi, and outdoor living at it’s finest. Any stress you arrive with will immediately be blown away with the ocean breeze. Floor to ceiling windows invite you in and give you the illusion of being outside. This breathtaking and unique home boasts 10 beautiful bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Each morning you will wake up to the inspiration of a sunrise and each evening you can relax by the cozy circular fireplace.

During our treasured time on this retreat, you will find deep connection within yourself and with others — the perfect balance of reflection, inspiration, encouragement and fun. We will break bread together over wholesome meals and intentional conversation. We will rest and play, learn and create, laugh and celebrate, and RISE-up together. You will return home feeling cherished, pampered and renewed. Through engagement, action and service to self and others, we will all gain fresh perspective and bring clear intention to put into motion throughout the new year. We will emerge from our cocoons to RISE & SHINE in 2017!

What's Included:  


  • Extraordinary ocean front beach home in La Jolla with immaculate amenities

  • Transportation to and from the airport (with recommended flight arrival and departure)

  • Lunch upon arrival, snacks and drinks throughout the weekend

  • Nine, chef-prepared farm to table meals

  • Creative activities provided by local artists

  • Daily physical, mental and spiritual nourishment, coaching and exercise

  • A giving-back experience

  • Gift, surprises and more!

It’s your time to RISE, SHINE & PROPEL your passions & life forward!



Pricing Options:

Option 1: Private King Suite
iGnite Member $1550.00
Non-Member $1700.00

Option 2: Queen w/Roommate Suite (two queen beds in room/one person per bed)
iGnite Member $1325.00
Non-Member $1475.00

Option 3: Private Twin Suite
iGnite Member $1295.00
Non-Member $1445.00

Option 4: King Suite Bed Share (two people per bed)
iGnite Member $1075.00
Non-Member $1225.00

Option 5: Queen Suite Bed Share (two beds per room/two people per bed)
iGnite Member $1025.00
Non-Member $1175.00

Option 6: Day Price Only (no overnight stay)
iGnite Member $775.00
Non-Member $925.00

*Payment installments are welcome
*Check payment is preferred. To pay via credit card, an additional $50 fee will incur

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