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Finish 2021 Strong and Begin 2022 Stronger

We all start the new year optimistic, energized and eager to begin again. It's also the human tendency to think just because we turn a page in our calendar, that life is magically going to be different--that all of the sudden we're going to become more disciplined, more organized and all of the goals we've been chasing are going to become more achievable. Sadly, this line of thinking is wrong and is what keeps us in a perpetual state of insanity: "doing the same thing but expecting a different result". How do I know this? This is me!

Time to clean the slate.

So what will you purge, how will you move forward with the lessons of 2021 and not repeat some of the struggles you may have experienced? Or if 2021 was a great year, how will you make 2022 even better? What will you make room for in your life in 2022? During this time you will look back at the previous year and determine and acknowledge the following:

  • your wins and all you are grateful for

  • disappointments

  • unfinished business

  • things you need to release and not take with you into 2022

  • things you want to take with you and into 2022 


$25.00 iGnite Members

$30.00 Non-Members


Your Home!

Create momentum, energy and space to end 2021 strong and begin 2022 stronger! 

Thurs. Dec 16th

12pm-1:30pm CST

"Momentum is the most important property in carrying you through to the goals and lifestyle you desire. The truth is, without momentum, you risk losing the crucial drive and consistent commitment toward your goals you worked so hard to create."
-Scott Harris, Performance Strategist and Coach

Clean the Slate
Virtual Workshop

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