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Health, Wellness & Life Coaching; Pilates Substitute; Workshops & Retreats

Roots/Family Life:


Let me start by saying I was born a bundle of energy and haven’t slowed down yet! I am a native Texan, born and raised in Houston. I earned my degree in Journalism/Advertising from Texas State University and started a fast passed career in Advertising in 1992. After a few years in Dallas I made my way back to Austin in 1995. I have now called Austin home for over 15 years! My life thus far has been an amazing journey filled with many ups and downs that life can throw at us. By far the most rewarding has been being a mother to my two amazing boys! Andrew “Drew” is 16 and Davis is 13.

Work Life:


I am now a life & career coach and founder of Creating Lives that Work. I have a variety of experience and skills in marketing, HR, talent acquisition, team building and organizational development. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for promoting people, products, and causes.

Background in Health & Wellness:


During motherhood, my own fitness regimen didn’t quite make it on the calendar! I wasn’t my best and realized I needed to get back into taking care of my body! I  started

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.



by joining a gym and needed the motivation of a personal trainer, which led me to Pilates in 2005. I learned Pilates very quickly and I was hooked! I loved what it did for my whole body. Little did I know what it would soon provide for me! When life took an unexpected turn in a new direction, after a sudden divorce and lots of changes, Pilates gave me the strength to get through it all and become better for the journey! I was encouraged to start my formal training to become a certified instructor in 2007. It was just what I needed – it challenged me mentally and physically! I have been trained in the classical approach through Peak Pilates®. Peak is based on the original techniques that Joseph Pilates himself developed. With hundreds of hours of combined training and practical experience under my belt, I am proud to be a Peak PilateSystem® Certified Instructor. I believe in this exercise and it has taught me to become fully aware of my body and the happiness in keeping myself healthy in mind, body & spirit!

My iGnite Journey:

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Neissa and iGnite in 2010 and I am have enjoyed becoming part of this wonderful group of women. I believe life is a delicate balance! I have found that joy in helping others and this journey has turned out to be a perfect balance for my life. I have no idea what all is in store for my boys and me but I am excited and look forward to the love and laughter ahead of us in this journey of LIFE!

Favorite Quote:

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” — Joseph Pilates

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